No need to fight, Okwagbe/Owhawha – Hon. Waive


The pesin wey dey rep Ughelli North/Ughelli South/Udu Federal Constituency for House of Representatives, Hon. Francis Waive, say make  Okwagbe and Owhawha community for Ughelli South Local Govimet Area, for Delta State stop to dey fight each other.

For wetin Waive write: “I dey use this time to talk to my pipo for Ughelli North, Ughelli South, Udu Federal Constituency make dem folow peace gum bodi. The gbegé wey dey happen for all this village don too much. Kasala from Agbowiameh/Erhiawarien to Ekuigbo/Iwhreko to Obubu/Oleri come enta Oghior/Ukpiovwhin to villages wey dey around Utorogu Gas Plant, now e don enta Okwagbe/Owhawha.

“We be one, even our grand papa dem live togeda without any fight.

“Wetin dey happen now so nor just make sense. e don spoil wetin we stand for, many pipo don die not to talk of property wey don scatter. All this na because of land mata.

“This land so na God get am and we come see am here, na so we go die leave am. You fit start war but you no know who the tin go touch or how e go end.

“Peace beta pass war. I don dey do plenti talk with different Youth leaders, Security Pipo, Kings, Local Govimet Council Chairmo, political and religious leaders for the community dem, all to make sure say peace come.

“Abeg awi pipo instead of fight why nor use court, information warfare, lobbying, and beta spirit of give me I give you to take go about all this. I really greet all awi leaders wey don try to bring peace for their community.

“Since na Okwagbe/Owhawha nai dey reign now, make I use this time tell una to stop and folow peace, so that hand shake nor go cross go elbow.”


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