Nor Tie Leg Wey Snake Bite, E Fit kill pesin


World Health Organization don talk am say, for many kontri dem nor dey talk about snake bite, and this tin dey bite about like 5.4 million pipo every year.

The pipo wey dey die dey reach from 81,410 and 137,880 nor talk of the ones wey dem dey cut their leg or the one wey leg damage, every year.

When Snake bite persin nor tie am, that tie nor go stop the poison to move inside the persin bodi. Na so Doctors dem talk.

The pipo wey sabi, say this olden days partan dey make many problem sef dey get other problem.

One doctor wey don read far, Dr. Bright Igbinoba, wey know bone work and work with National Orthopaedic Hospital wey dey for Igbobi, inside Lagos, say all those olden days practice to dey tie persin leg nor really make sense.

When snake bite persin the first tin na to rush am go hospital so that the leg nor go get problem.

Normally, wey snake bite the place go swell up and as you dey tie the leg you don stop blood to dey flow reach that side wey you tie and that place go come die. And if the leg die na cutting go end the matta for hospital.

No need to cut the place wey the snake bite with razor blade, as infection fit enta from there.

To use mouth sef suck the poison comot nor still good, because persin wey dey suck the poison fit enta hin mouth. No press the leg too, the best way na to rush the person go hospital.

Minister of State for Health, Dr. Olorunnimbe Mamora, say na 15,000 to 20,000 pipo snake dey bite for Nigeria everi year, 2,000 pipo nai dey die den from 1,700 reach 2,000 nai dem dey cut their leg or hand to save life.

Snake bite na to sharply rush go hospital and nor take medicine wey you no know, so that persin nor go cry how I wish say.


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