Odilli house: Na wrong address dey the search paper– Policeman

On Wednesday for Fediral High Court wey dey for Abuja, nai ASP Madaki Chidawa, tell court how hin stop the pipo wey karey paper come to search Justice Mary Odili house for October 19 last year.

Chidawa tell Justice Evelyn Maha say the pipo wey come to search the house, na Chief Superintendent of Police Lawrence Ajodo nai lead dem come the house.

Wey dem reach the house with one house wife wey folow, dem say dem be from EFCC Recovery Panel wey gum bodi with Fediral Ministry of Justice, and wan look the house.

He say nai hin ask for the search warrant, but as hin look am well na chief magistrate sign am say make dem go check No. 9 Imo Crescent for Abuja. As hin see the address nai he tell dem say na wrong place dem come cus Justice Odili house na No. 7 Imo Rivers street.

Chidawa come still tell court say nai he run go meet Justice Odili, wey come call some pesin to take stop the pipo plan. He say as dem know say dem plan nor work, nai Ajodo wey karey fake IDcard of Fediral Ministry of Justice, say hin go deal with am wey dem come back.

As e be so Justice Maha don karey the case go March 1, 2022.

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