Osinachi family don tok how she take die

The family of Osinachi Nwachukwu, wey sing Ekwueme say nor be cancer nai kill her.

The senior sista of Osinachi family pipo Ms Favor Made, on Sunday don tok say na blood wey gada for Osinachi chest afta the husband, Peter Nwachukwu kick her, nai kill her.

“Na leg hin use kick her for chest. E don dey beat her since but my sista nor dey gree tok anytin since.”

She say dem don dey tell Osinachi make she komot from the marriage before but she say God go change the husband.

“We tell her say nor be divorce o, na to just dey different house. But she say God nor like divorce. We even tell her say to separate not be sin, so that she go fit dey alive to take care of her children. But for where.

“When the man kicked her for chest, as she fall nai he karey her go hospital but nor tell anybodi.

“Na the kick nai kill her cus my broda ask the dokitor and hin say na blood gada for her chest.”

She still say the man don even stop Osinachi make she nor dey visit her family or even go their village for Isuochi for Abia State.

She say police neva arrest Peter as pipo dey tok. And e dey always kolet any moni wey she take dey sing.

Made say Peter nor even quick tell dem family say Osinachi don die untill 8 for night wey he just call the mama say dem piken don die.

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