Pirates Tiff 8 Boat Passengers In Bayelsa


Sea pirates wey karey gun don tiff 8 speed boat passengers for Brass Yenagoa water inside Bayelsa State.

The boat karey 15 passengers wey dey come back from burial from Egweama waterfront for Brass Local Govimet, na for middle of the sea nai the sea pirates take attack dem.

Pesin from the community say na 8 pipo nai the pirate tiff enta creek and dem free 7.

Pipo for Egweama waterfront tell tori pesin say the gunmen neva still call any family member, the time wey this tori dey come outside.

Maritime Workers Union Chairman for Brass LGA, Mr. Daniel Biodoumoye, say na 200 horse power engine boat nai the gunmen attack close to one rice farm and run with 8 of the passengers.

Hin say na marine police plus members of the union join hand with other pipo nai dem take save the remaining 7 wey the pirates run leave.



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