Police catch man wey dey eat and sell human being part

Police for Zamfara State don catch one 57yrs Aminu Baba wey dey eat and sell human being part. The commissioner of police for the state Ayuba Elkana, nai say Baba dey work with three pesin wey dey sell the part of one bodi give am for N500,000.

The pipo wey dey sell give am na Abdulshakur Mohammed wey be 20; Buba, 17; and Tukur, 14yrs. The commissioner say na info wey dem get nai dem take catch the men.

For Dec. 12, 2021 nai one Ali Yakubu come report for Gusau police say hin piken Ahmad or 9yrs dey loss.

Na for 28 of Dec. 2021, by 9:30 nai police hear say that time wey dem dey look for the piken , dem see deadi bodi for one uncompleted building.

Oga police say as hin pipo reach there nai dem notice say dem don komot some of the deadi bodi part, and use rag tie the leg and hand then paper bag take cova the head, nai police karey the deadi bodi go hospital.

Wey police catch Baba and the boys wey dey epp am kill for January 4 2022, one of dem Abdulshakur Mohammed confess say na the three time wey Baba dey send am to go kill, say afta dem kill finish Baba dey give dem N500,000.

Mohammed say hin Buba and Tukur nai decieve one boy wey dem kill for uncompleted building, den remove the eye, intestine, throat and gbola, before dem karey am to Baba wey come pay dem.

According to the police commissioner him say Baba get 19 pikens, and hin don tell police say hin really dey chop human being as na the throat dey sweet pass and dey sell to hin costumer too.

Wetin police see for hin hand na intestine, throat, gbola and two eye.

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