Police gbab yahoo boys with snake inside dem box

For one kind mata wey dey fly for inside Imo state, police don catch some boys wey karey box with live snake inside.

The tin happen for Aladinma for Imo State around 10’Oclock on Wednesday January 26, 2022, as the three boys wey be  just 14, 16 and 17yrs enter one hotel with the box wey dem lock with padlock.

As persin wey see the matta talk, the boys dem say na for Adagwa for Rivers State nai juju man take do jazz for dem, put mark for dem bodi, come pack many dollars inside the box give dem.

Dem say as dem reach Imo wey dem wan enter the hotel for Alandima nai the hotel come dey check their bag, na afta dem force the box open dem see snake. The boys dem say dem surprise to see say na snake dey inside no be dollar again.

From there nai the hotel pipo karey the boys go Alandima police station on Wednesday

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