Politicians Una Nor Fit Cus Okamuka For Rivers State-Wike



The govinor for Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, say some politicians dey employ abgero, jaguda, and pipo wey don go prison come back to cause katakata for 2023 election according to report wey dem get inside.

The govinor say hin know say hotel and place wey dem take dey do groove, wey be event center, don dey give dem place to politicians and political parties to take gather all these jaguda.

Na on Sunday inside state broadcast nai Wike take say the govimet nor go take am easy with any politician wey go come dey disturb Rivers state no matta dem position weda na past or present.

He say dem nor go allow APC, PDP, or SDP to come use jaguda cause problem for the state all cus of campaign.

Wike come say dem don tell security pipo to check any bodi wey match line plus dem dey draw ear for all hotel and event center say make dem nor put bodi for any politician or political party wey wan cus okamuka for the state.

He say any hotel and event center wey nor hear word go dance to the music.



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