Make E beta for you na the mid-morning show wey dey full with correct naija gospel jamz from artist all over naija. The show get ogbonge informate programme like better opportunity wey fit helep you kpake informate about job. Book review dey sele on tuesday and dat one go helep you toorch light plenty books.

On wednesday we dey inspirate awisef base on success story,thursday na time to learn better things both new and old ontop know something. On friday because we know say safety na life, we dey give safety tips ontop safety corner. Nigeria na all of us own so we gat put mouth ontop naija for inside worktalk monday-friday for the show!!!

Na awi prayer say make e better for you so kack near your radio monday-friday from 10am go nack 1pm with Mariam Nwobe (Snowyt)



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