Protest Don Put GoSlow For Drivers Cus Of Bad Road For Benin-Warri

Moto pipo and the ones wey dey use leg waka for Benin-Warri-Sapele hear am yesterday cus of the protest wey pipo wey dey stay Ogheghe and Ologbo communities do cus of bad road.

Last year the pipo come out to block the road due to say some side don kpafuka and dey the road for two weeks untill govinor come the place come promise Dem say FG go repair the road before dem gree komot.

The pipo wey dey protest say cus of the bad road drivers don put monie for transport fare as 20 mins journey don turn 2 hours.

One driver wey be Chonoso Christian, say na mechanic workshops nai be dem friend now cus of the bad road.

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