Rain fall, tree kill Pipo wey dey sell for Oyo


E reach like four pipo wey delete afta rain fall for Idi Odan, Sabo, for Atiba Local Goviment Area inside Oyo State.

Na pipo wey dey sell for the Market the tin touch pass, as dem use the tree as cova wey the rain start around 4’Oclock for evening on Monday.

News Agency for Nigeria nai talk say this tree Odan so nor be small piken, as e don reach 100 years, and na since pipo for the market dey use am as cova for their market.

The market Chairmo, Akeebu Alarape, say na four moto saw nai try to cut the tree untill the fifth one come fit cut small part wey dem fit take drag the pipo wey the tree fall press.

But Amotekun pipo for Atiba side, one of dem wey be  Akeem Ojo, tell NAN say the tree fall ontop the pipo around 6’Oclock.

“One girl wey be stundet for Federal College of Education Oyo, one woman wey tie small piken for back and hold one small boy for hand, na dem dey drag come out from the tree.

One persin wey injure dem rush am go hospita, the okada and keke bus wey dey under the tree kapfuka join,” na wetin Ojo talk.

Anoda persin, write for social media NairaLand, say hin dey there wey the thing happen, say na 9 pipo delete

The Chairmo for Sooro Local Council Development Area, Oke-Isiwin, Seun Oguntona, say pipo wey dey sell unda the tree dem go change position.

But Oyo State Police PRO, Adewale Osifeso, say na only four pipo die.

“He come say police don go there to make everi where cam.”


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