Republic of Guinea don carry Marburg virus-WHO


The World Health Organisation (WHO) don talk say health authorities for Guinea don record one confirmed case of Marburg virus disease for the southern Gueckedou prefecture.

This one nia be the first time wen the Marburg virus disease wen dem dey identify d disease wen say dey “highly infectious” wen dey make person dey bleed from him body like Ebola for West Africa.

The development dey happen less than two months after Guinea declare end to Ebola outbreak.

According to WHO, Marburg virus dey move from fruit bats to people, and e dey spread among humans through direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected people, surfaces and materials.

Sickness dey start with high fever, terrible headache and general discomfort.

Meanwhile, infected patients dey develop serious haemorrhagic signs within seven days, while death rates vary from 24 percent to 88 percent for past outbreaks, depending on virus strain and case management.


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