Settle our family meeting

Mama Moses elder brother buy new car, naim papa Moses come tell mama Moses say make she tell her brother(him own brother in-law) to connect am with the people wen he follow buy car.

Wen Papa Moses pay the 2.5million naira for the car, na for the presence of him brother in-law, and dem give am receipt, as the car dealer say dem go need to bring the car from Lagos.

After 1 month, papa Moses come call him brother in-law dey disturb am, the brother in-law come with the car dealer, the car dealer say make papa Moses give am him receipt to take clear am, with the trust wen he get for him brother in-law, he come give dem the receipt.

E don pass 6 months now, car he nor see, reciept he nor get, car dealer nor dey pick him call, him brother in-law say he nor know concern.

Papa Moses say him wife brother naim play am 419, say he nor won marry mama Moses again. SETTLE OUR MEETING….

#FamilyMeeting with Theresa Onajite(@LadyT_LadyT).


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