Seun Kuti: Wetin You Nid To Do, To Be Good Nigerian


Seun Kuti, the Afrobeat Singer bodi nor sweet am as pipo wan die folow moni and nor even mind the way dem even take make the moni.

Seun say na cus poverty dey nai make pipo dey resin any way to get moni, and easy way for pesin to call you beta pesin for Nigeria na to dey dash moni folow road.

This na wetin hin write for Instagram “The only tin wey you nid to do for Nigeria so that pipo go know say you be good pesin, just dey dash moni folow road. Weda you dey even kill pipo sef no bodi wan know Dem go say you be gud pesin. You see this poverty must die komot Nigeria.”

Some pipo dey gree for wetin Seun write why some odas dey tok from anoda side.

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