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Six Pesin Die For Community Gbege Inside Bomadi

Six pipo nai don die for di shoot I shoot wey happen between Okoloba and Okuama communities wey dey for inside Bomadi and Ughelli South, on Sunday 28 January.

Di gbege start for di two communities wey dey near river last year cus of land and one river wey dem take dey catch fish, as nobodi wan gree to leave for di oda.

Till yesterday wey dem come start to shoot everywhere and six pesin come die not to tok of di ones wey bullet pieces dem bodi.

On pesin wey nor want make dem call e name say di gbege start again on Saturday with too much gunshots.

He said: “You know say dis wahala don dey on ground since last year and awa community Okoloba even send open letter give govimet make dem warn Okuama.

“Yesterday around 5 abei 6 for evening nai di two communities start face to face shooting and six pesin die instanter for Okuama join with three pipo wey dem karey from other communities. Dem be ijaw and Urhobo pipo.”

Di time wey di insider dey tok to tori pipo hin say around that kind 5:20 for evening any of di side fit decide to start di fight again.

As e be naw di community dem dey beg di Delta state govimet to come epp for di mata so that e nor go worse pass as e don already dey.


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