Sudan: Egypt Nor Gree Allow Nigerians Students Cross Border

The Federal Govimet don dey beg the authorities wey dey in charge for Sudan border make dem make the place safe for the 7000 pipo plus Nigerians wey dey there before dem go enta dem different places.

The chairman of Nigerians for Diaspora Commission  Abike Dabiri-Erewa, nai dey tok on Friday say dem nor gree allow dem cross the border to Egypt sine in Thursday evening wey the pipo wey dey run reach the border

On Thursday nai Dabiri-Erewa say the first set of Nigerians don reach Sudan border for Aswan wey dey near Egypt.

Dabiri-Erewa bin confirm for Twitter say by the time the students reach there, dem don already close the border and dem go enta airport the next morning.

But the case don change as for statement wey Gabriel Odu, the Publicity Unit of  NiDCOM sign the chairman say “The Nigerian mission for Egypt don dey work tire to make sure say the students enta but Egyptian authorities dey say dem must get visa before dem fit enta their kontri.

“She dey beg the Egyptian authorities make dem just allow the travelers wey don already see shege enta the knotri so that dem fit from there go back to their own kontri.”



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