Sudan War: I Wan Bring Nigeria Pipo Back From Sudan Nor Suppose Cause Tribal Fight,  Onyeama

The Chief Executive of Air peace Allen Onyeama, dey draw ear make pipo nor use cus of say hin wan bring back Nigeria students wey go skool for Sudan and nor fit run since the war start, to tribal fight.

Na for Arise Tele Morning Show nai Onyeama take tok so for interview on Wednesday.

He the resin why hin dey do wetin he wan do na cus of say he want make Nigeria be one and nor be to show bodi.

The Air Peace Oga say he nor like the way some pipo for social media dey hawk the mata sotay dem turn am to tribe mata.

He say but that one nor go stop as he go send three jets go Egypt make dem use am karey the Nigerians wey dem transport from Sudan to Egypt.

He say “Me I be pesin wey believe say wetin you fit do for your nation, nor be wetin your kontri fit do for you.

“This nor be to show bodi, cus I don dey do am since wey I dey university and na honor for me to epp my knotri.

“But e dey pain me say pipo dey turn am to anoda kind tin. For the pipo wey dey support me and the Igbo wey dey say, see na Igbo man dey do this kind tin, abeg make una stop am. And even pipo from oda tribe wey still dey wan tok about the mata,abeg make una just stop.Na Nigeria we dey tok about, nor be about Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. The tin dey pain me and I nor like am, e fit even make me nor do am again. Na how we go take dey togeda nai I dey resin.”

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