Sylvester Oromoni Papa cry for court

The case for Sylvester Oromoni wey hin papa go talk for court, dem don karey am go 14 Feb, cus the new evidence wey dem Oromoni lawyer bring, the other side lawyer say dem nor show am first, so the Magistrate for the court Mikhail Kadiri come cary the date go front.

Wey dem dey for the court on Monday, tori pipo and some outside pipo, dem no gree make dem enta wey Sylvester sister, Amanda wan talk.

Lawyer Bernard Onigha wey dey with NBA say e nor good make dem dey karey show small piken for court mata, as the piken still get future for front, as Child Rights Law of Lagos State put am.

Before Magistrate Kadiri come tell tori pipo and pipo wey folow come to go outside.

As Sylvester sista talk her own finish, nai dem tell the papa to swear oat before hin talk.

Some of the evidence wey the family lawyer bring na audio message wey hin do with one of the student papa Afolabi, wey say dem really beat Sly for skool and nor bodi come epp am wey e dey shout.

As papa Sylvester dey look all the many evidence wey dem bring come court na so hin start to cry.

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