Terrorist dey plan to bomb worship and public place

DSS say dem just get to know say some group dey plan to go bomb worship place and public place where pipo dey like to gada.

Tokpesin for DSS Peter Afunanya, nai say some bad pipo dey gang up to cause wahala for this holiday period, to take karey the kontri go back to wetin happen for 2015 wey dem dey use IED take dey bomb open place.

The security agency come dey use the opportunity take dey tell pipo wey get place wey pipo dey gada to relax, make dem open their eye and even increase security for where dem dey manage, while DSS on their own side go dey do their best to kip pipo safe.

DSS say if any bodi see wetin no gud around where dem dey stay, na to sharply call any security pesin make dem for know.

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