The $450,000 wey I use take buy motor, your generation nor get am

Faith Morey wey dey act film and dey do model too don fire one person for social media wey tell her say she dey do borrow pose with the Rolls Royce wey she use snap pinchure.

For pinchure wey Morey put as she snap with her Rolls Royce, wey she write “you see this soft life nor be only man get am.”

If you be woman you fit buy, build, or get any tin wey you want. Make am say any tin wey you want enjoy am to the fullest.

But one pesin wey come comment for the pinchure, say na borrow pose nai she dey do with the motor.

As Morey see the comment, nai she fire back.

“I nor dey resin bad energy, but I nor use $450,000 for this yeye tin, wey your family generation nor go fit buy, wey you dey there dey call me borrow pose.

“Use your real hankant take talk to me next time, or come back wey you don get beta bone.”

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