The lady wey enta BRT bus wey dem dey find, don die

The 22yrs Oluwabamise Ayanwole wey loss like needle wey dem dey find for bush afta she enta BRT bus for Ajah inside Lagos dey go back to Ota on Saturday 26 of Feb 2021, dem don confimate say she don die.

The BRT bus nuba na 240257 and the bus dey go Oshodi around 7 for night from Chevron Bus stop.

Tori get am say the lady dey sew clothes for Chevron Estate inside Ajah and dey always do weekend with her sista for Ota, Ogun State.

As she come dey suspect say some tin nor koret afta the bus nor gree pick pipo from dem normal bus stop, nai Oluwabamise sharply send voice message go give her friend.

The message show say the bus driver dey like Oluwabamise come say make she give am her phone nuba.

She come tell her friend make she pray for her as the driver way nor pure, the friend come tell her make she stop for Oworonsoki bus stop instead of Oshodi bus stop.

Oluwabamise still snap the bus to show how e dark reach, she say three men and one woman nai dey the bus. Na that one be the last message wey dem hear from her until this morning wey news come out say Oluwabamise don already die.

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