The Man Wey Carry Gun For Video Na Army Rector No Be Defense Minister- Mohammad Abdulkadri


One video wey dey fly show one man wey carry AK-47 gun dey enta hin moto and the thing don bring many talk.  Nai make the Special Assistant to the Minister for Defence ontop Media and Publicity, Mohammad Abdulkadri, come out to talk say the man wey dey the video nor be the Minister of Defence, Maj. Gen Bashir Magashi(retd) dey the video.

On Sunday na the second in command to the Minister of Defence ontop Media and Public runs, Mohammad Abdulkadri, say the persin wey dey the video na the Rector of Nigeria Army college of Environmental Science and Technology wey dey Makurdi, and he get right to travel with gun.

The Army green color wey dey the moto and the sticker show sef say the video nor be real.

Plus the picture wey show one man wey wear blue with band of NA Education Corp,  but the man wey really dey folow General Magashi na Corp of Military Police wey dey use red beret and red headband for hin uniform

This video wan just make dem look the minister with bad eye.

Make everi bodi know say the Minister for Defence get hin work to do and carry full chest to block any gbege, and nor need to carry gun waka as the video wey pipo see for internet. Na so Mohammad Abdulkadri talk.


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