One young couple just move enter new neighbourhood.

The next morning wen dem dey chop breakfast,

The young woman come see say her neighbour dey hang clothes wen she

wash for outside.

“Those clothes nor dey very clean”, she tell her husband.

“She nor know how to wash clothes.

maybe she need better washing soap.”

Her husband look, but he nor talk anything.

Every time her neighbour go dey hang her clothes for rope,

The young woman go dey make the same comment.

About one month later, the woman come surprise to see the clean and nice clothes wen the neighbour hang for rope, she come tell her husband say:

“Look o, she don learn how to wash clothes correctly.

I wonder who don teach her how to wash clothes clean.”

The husband come talk say, “na him get up early dis morning and

Clean their windows.” naim make the clothes clean for him wife eyes today(meaning say the clothes dey clean ever since).

Lesson Of The Tori:

Make we learn to dey talk about the mistake with the person wen make the mistake, and not to dey judge judge the person. And na so dis life be. Wetin we see when we dey watch other people

depends on the purity of the window through wen we take look am.

Make we dey check well before we judge people, comot wetin dey your eye first before you judge the one wen dey your neighbour eye.

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