Tinubu Victory: My Life Dey For Danger , Lagos Ex Deputy

The first female deputy govinor for Lagos State, Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu on Wednesday for Ikoyi say since Bola Tinubu come out president elect her life dey for danger zone.

Sinatu Ojikutu nai be the very first woman wey become deputy govinor for Nigeria, she tok say she go run komot from the kontri if Bola Tinubu win the election.

Wey she dey follow newsmen tok for her house for Ikoyi, Lagos yesterday, the foma deputy govinor say her life nor dey safe again afta Tinubu win the Feb 25 election.

She say she and Tinubu don get problem for more than 20 years naw, wey she nor gree make hin be govinor.

She say even foma president, Olusegun Obasanjo even try to settle dem but e nor work.

“I come out before the presidential election to tok say if Tinubu win, Me, Sinatu Aderoju Ojikutu, go stop to be Nigeria pesin and I know why I tok so.

“Before the election, I hear say Tinubu dey ask weda I still dey alive? Wey sumbodi tell am about my issue, I know say he tok say, she still dey around? Wetin that kind tok mean?

“Wetin hin mean? Yes, I dey alive, strong. Dem dey plan my death? Why pesin go dey ask weda I still dey alive?

“I dey safe? And many pipo like me still dey wey dey fear too.”

Wey she come dey tok about weda she go trancel leave the kontri, she say wey Tinubu win many pipo dey call her say he nor go do her anytin , but she say she don know the man for more than 20 years .

She say she know wetin Tinubu don do to her personally.


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