Tinubu You Fit Lost For North, Nigeria Nor Be Lagos – APC Forum


Some leaders and members for APC under North Central APC Forum say the way wey state elections be nor be so e dey be with president own, as the forum dey tell Bola Tinubu make hin change he political style.

The group say Tinubu dey think say the whole Nigeria na Lagos and some parts of south west, that na some pipo nor dey advice am well and he neva understand the North.

Na the Chairman of the Forum, Alhaji Saleh Zazzaga nai tell journalists for Jos, Plateau State Capital.

Zazzaga say wetin Tinubu nor know be say North dey believe anybodi wey get mind for the region and the whole knotri and wey dem make up dem mind e don finish.

“Nai make pipo like dem foma President Olusegun Obasanjo dem still see dem as pipo wey understand every part for the knotri.

“So, if Tinubu dey think say the nation na Lagos or south west, nai be say na bomb dey wait am for 2023.

“Tins plenty wey leaders around am nor dey tell am, we wey dey deal with grassroots for North know wetin we dey hear, we don try to tell am but he nor dey hear.

“Like this year we don do press conferences to tell Tinubu make hin apologize to Nigerians for wetin hin tok years ago say he nor believe in one Nigeria.

“We don still try to caution am from some comments wey hin make say he ready to fight dirty with anybodi wey wan stop am from president seat 2023, and he still say this time na he time to rule.”

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