Transporters Don Put Moni For Tfare Cus Of How Tins Be



The owners wey get dem own motor wey dem dey use for transportation say dem go increase the price of transport fare to take travel go anoda state with 25 percent.

For memo wey the Association of Private Transport Company Owners(APTCON) write give dem members Tuesday August 25, 2022 nai dem take write am.

This one dey happen afta Premium Breadmakers Association of Nigeria (PBAN) say dem go increase bread price with 20 percent cus of the war wey dey happen for Ukraine and Russia as dem nor fit dey get wetin dem take dey do bread again.

The motor pipo say dem resin na cus the way tins be come join with the new price of fuel, APTCON say with all dem companies, all of dem don agree to increase tfare to take go anoda state.

Dem say the increase na cus every where for the kontri be one kind, say even pipo wey dey sell don increase price join sef with areoplane pipo.

The group say even forex price too high and dem nor dey fit buy motor, even spare parts and how to repair motor all of dem don high, and na all these resin nai make dem increase transport fare.

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