UK Airport Detain Peter Obi Say Hin Na Two

The Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, London immigration officers hold an for airport as hin go the kontri go do Easter, na wetin the head of Obi-Datti Media, Mr. Diran Onifade, open mouth tok.

For statement wey Onifade bring come out on Wednesday say the London immigration officers disgrace Obi and even put am for detention.

According to am dem seize Obi for Heathrow Airport on Good Friday, April 7, 2023 wey hin travel from Nigeria reach there nai he join queue for normal Airport paros, wey all of a sudden airport immigration officers hold am come give am detention note make he stand for one side.

“Dem ask am kweshun tay, and e be one kind for pesin wey don stay pass ten years for that kontri.

Onifade say the implication of the offense be say the pesin wey dey behave like say hin na Obi, fit dey do one kind bad and dangerous tin somewhere and dem go put am for Obi name.

He say since the pesin wey dey form like Obi still dey run, the pesin even fit do very bad tin wey go cause big disgrace to Obi , he family, the party, obidient movement and even the knotri Nigeria.

But Onifade say the Obi-Datti Media office dey tell everybodi make dem nor fear especially the Obidients say the Rock still stand gidigba as he ready to suffa the pain and follow wetin hin destiny wey God don already give am about Nigeria.


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