Ukraine Air Force use drone take bomb Russia motor

Ukraine don use drone wey Turkey kontri make take scatter Russia target. Na the chief of Ukraine Air Force,  Lt. Gen. Mykola Oleshchuck nai talk say na one kind drone naiem dem use take gbosa the place.

For video wey Ukraine Embassy bring come outside, e show as Russia motor line up like sardine near Malyn wey nor too far from North West of Kyiv, na there Ukraine drone go gbosa the motor.

One of the strike happen for Chornobaivka town for South Ukraine, and na that place nai hot pass for some days naw as the Air Force talk am.

As e be for naw, Ukraine troops dey make sure say Russia nor enter the kontri capital, dem don even use am take arrest Moscow soldiers and even bomb the bridge to the city so that dem nor go fit enta.

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