Ukraine-Russia War: WHO say na 64 hospital don go down for Ukraine

As the war for Ukraine and Russia still dey go on, on Thursday nai WHO say na like 64 times nai Russia don go burn hospital and clinic for Ukraine.

Everyday nai Russia dey bomb like two to three hospital, and e don kill 15 pipo and 37 pipo wey don wound.

WHO say this kind way nor just folow as on a normal wetin international law talk for war, dem nor suppose burn any tin wey resemble hospital and clinic.

The fight naw wey don reach one month for Ukraine, WHO rep, Jarno Habicht, wey dey Ukraine as Russia dey destroy clinic e dey make tins even worse for pipo life.

Hin say as e be for Ukraine, every minute nai chemist dey close.

Even pipo wey dey work for hospital dem nor get where to go or kukuma nor even get chance to take work.

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