Una must born grandpiken or pay us awa moni wey we spend for skool, boy papa and mama

No be small film nai play for north Indian state for Uttarakhand as one man and hin wife karey dem piken go court cus the piken wife neva fit born for six years wey dem marry her.

The husband and wife say dem plan am before say wey dem stop work by that time their piken don born grand piken wey go dey folow dem play for house.

Parents of the boy say na dem head nai this children take dey play, so dem come karey the mata go court, but the boy piken and the wife nor tok anytin for the mata.

The boy mama wey be Sanjeev and hin papa na Sadhana Prasad, Dem say na all their moni dem use take train their only boy piken to skool make hin go read how to be pilot, come even epp am for marriage.

The papa Prasad say hin  use $65,000 take send the son go pilot skool for US for said 2006. Wey hin come back to India 2007, he not come get work na hin papa and mama come epp am for two years untill the piken Shrey Saga come get anoda pilot work.

2016 nai hin papa and mama come do arrange marriage for am so that dem piken go fit born before dem stop work, but for where the wife nor dey get belle.

With wetin BBC tok the papa and mama of the boy say dem piken go pay dem $650,000 if dem nor get any grandpiken before this year finish.

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