UPDATE: Jonathan not send anybodi to buy am president form — Aide

The foma Presido of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan say hin nor give any go ahead to any bodi or group of pipo make dem go buy APC N100m form for am, and this na just curse dem just troway for hin bodi.

This tok dey come from foma Presido Special Assistant ontop media, Ikechukwu Eze say even though say pipo dey tell Jonathan make hin join the race, the man nor gree.  

“Make we let every bodi know say Dr. Jonathan nor know anytin about this president form wey group go epp am buy and hin nor even send any bodi.

“If Jonathan wan contest for election he go come outside to tok by hinsef and no be to pass window.

“For the pipo wey go buy the form thank you o, but as e dey so, Dr Jonathan not even ready to run for any president position.

“But to go buy form for man wey nor send una nor just make sense, and whona know the kind position wey he get for this kontri. This na just insult whona put for hin bodi. Abeg world pipo make una not believe the message.

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