US Give Visa Ban To Nigeria Pipo Wey Cause Kasala for Election

The United States say dem do  ban some pipo for Nigeria wey make 2023 election nor go well, make dem nor enta their kontri.

Na US seke of state, Antony Blinken, nai announce am for statement on US Monday.

Blinken say the ban nor be for Nigeria pipo or for govimet but na for some kind of pipo.

Part of the statement say “The United States stand to support Nigeria democracy and other kontri for the world.”

Blinken say this pipo hand dey for threaten to voters, magomago for results,karey hand beat pipo, and other tins to stop democracy.

causeaid the affected persons had been involved in voter threats, results manipulation, physical violence, and other activities that undermined democracy.

But US nor write the pipo name wey dey for the ban list

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