Vladimir Putin wan go do cancer operation

E be like Vladimir Putin don ready to give pawa to the top spy chief, Nikolai Patrushev, as hin wan go do cancer surgery.

Mr. Patrushev, na head of the Security Council, and na only Putin nai use hin hand take pick the man make hin stand for the govimet while hin go treat hinsef.

This man, Mr. Patrushev na 70 yrs and nai  put am for Russia mind say make dem go Ukraine go fight Kyiv.

Na for one kind video wey dey online for Russia Telegram channel General SVR wey one foma Russian Foreign Intelligence Service get.

The video tok say Mr. Putin wan go do cancer operation, and that operation go make am stay for ground tay.

As the tori be, Mr. Patrushev na hard man pass Putin sef.

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