We don run from awa village cus of melu pipo

Different pipo wey dey stay for Port Avwon inside Uwheru don come out to talk say fulani melu pipo don take dem village.

This one na afta Police commissioner for the state come out to talk say, no be true say fulani don take Uwheru kingdom, according to  Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare. The community don come out to say na big lie nai Police dey lie as everi bodi know wetin dey happen for Uwheru kingdom.

One Mrs Yellow Ighochureya wey bin dey stay for Port-Avwon but don run come Uwheru main town, tell tori NDV say as she dey talk with dem, the melu owners dey for Port-Avwon and dem don scatter all wetin dem plant.

Naso dem kill three of awa pesin last year, dem don sitdon as oga there, if we nor run nai be say all of us go die nai make we run come Uwheru town. Na wetin Mrs Yellow talk.

While the woman leader for the community, Chief Mrs Christiana Etagbedavwe, come tell tori NDV say na for many years naw nai Fulani melu don dey disturb dem. As dem own na to dey kill, rape and scatter wetin the village pipo plant.

“Every year wey we plant finish, Fulani pipo go karey dem nama come chop awa crop and you know say we plenti here wey dey do farm work as nor company. Cus of this wahala we nor dey fit send awa piken dem to skool as we nor fit pay skool fees nor to talk of to chop.

“Dem don come this year again afta we don suffa plant for 2021 December, abeg make govimet come epp us cus this problem don too much for awa bodi, na beg we dey.”

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