We go epp una Ukraine, Afghanistan wey dey Poland

Some pipo wey run komot from Afghanistan cus of say dem kontri dey fight, say one pinchure wey show how two piken plus two adult die for ground for Kyiv, just dey make dem nor happy. As dem nor even dey resin their own again but wan epp Ukraine pipo wey nor get where to stay.

The Afghanistan pipo wey dey stay for Poland, say dem wan epp Ukrainian pipo for the fight wey Russia bring come, since dem too don bin get fight for their kontri for 20 years.

One of dem wey be Sabur Dawod Zai, and na 27, say hin go use the experience wey hin get for hin kontri take epp Ukraine.

“You see me so, na the same tin wey dey happen here nai happen for Afghanistan. Na only one bag I take run for my life from Afghanistan leave skool, family pipo and other tins. But you see the pinchure of four pipo wey die and place wey don scatter for this war mata, suppose put sense for pipo bodi. Nai make me come out say I wan epp”. This na wey Sabur dey tell tori pipo for hin house inside Polish capital fie Warsaw.

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