We like awa market as e dey- Abraka market women

We nor like make una scatter awa market, leave am as e dey or kukuma go build market for anoda side, Abraka big reach to get many market.

This na wetin market women wey dey sell for Abraka main market dey tell Ethiope East Local Council, as dem get mind to scatter the market, build am then give to private pesin wey go dey rent the shop dem. But this market women say dem nor gree.

One Onome wey dey sell for the market talk say, namanama pipo don pursue dem sotay dem nor fit dey go farm, na only the market dem dey manage so make govimet jus leave dem as dem dey enjoy their market like that.

Wey Mr Victor Ofobrukueta, the Oga of the council hear the mata, he say na just strong head nai jus dey worry the market women.

“Na beta market nai we wan build with padi from private pipo dem to build am and afta we finish na to give dem back, but this pipo nor wan hear awa own side.

“The plan na to give dem anoda place make dem dey use first untill we finish the new market, but for weray, dem say no way nai be this we nor go gree wey dem dey do so.”

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