We like make awa children dey go skool for Abroad-Reps

The way pipo wey dey work for govimet office dey use karey dem children go skool for obodo oyibo, House of Rep member bring bill make dem stop am, but the odas troway the bill for one kona.

Na Sergius Ogun from Edo PDP nai bring the bill so that education for Nigeria go get head but the bill nor fit pass the second level.

Ogun talk say the resin for the bill na to epp make senior men nor dey karey dem piken go skool for abroad so that dem eye go dey for Nigeria skool, cus Ghana dey kolet N160b for Nigeria student hand while UK dey get N80bn for Nigeria student.

But Deputy Minority Leader, Toby Okechukwu say the bill suppose get beta stand so that other members fit support am untill all the House members come las las say dem nor go support the bill.

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