We want make Ijaw get two new State, Senior men

On Saturday for Bayelsa nai some Ijaw leaders wey do meeting say e go good if FG gree make dem create two other Ijaw nation for the knotri.

Na for the 25th anniversary wey dem do for Yenagoa to take remember the man wey create Bayelsa State before he die and bin king for Kolokum, King Geoffrey Aganaba.

Before presido Goodluck Jonathan dey there wey hin send foma Deputy Govinor of Bayelsa, Rear Admiral John Jonah (retd) to epp am talk, Govinor Douye Diri, and foma military admin for old Rivers State and king of Twon-Brass, Alfred Diette Spiff na all of dem plus other pipo nai dey to celebrate Aganaba.

Wey Diri dey talk, hin say e go beta if Ijaw get anoda two states as na dem be the fourth biggest language for the kontri.

He say, na three state nai Ijaw bin want but na only one nai General Sani Abacha wey don die gree give dem. So for wetin Aganaba do hin try wella naiem make dem still dey fight so that Ijaw go get more than one state, as Diri talk for the event.

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