WHO: No play with Malaria again

Many pipo for this world dey suffa for malaria and with record e reach like 241 million pipo wey get malaria for 2020.

Na woman mosquito wey be Anopheles nai dey karey the parasite put for pesin bodi if e bite human being and na so malaria use take bad if pesin nor treat am well na kpeme be that.

Cus of the way wey malaria be nai make every April 25 WHO put am for one kona to take remind pipo about the sickness. This year own dem call “Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.”

WHO say for 2020 na 627, 000 pipo die of malaria and na Africa own high pass for the nuba. Dem say na like 95% of pipo nai get malaria and 96% of pipo nai die and children wey neva reach five years nai plenty pass.

For 2021 US Agency for International Development tok say na 76% of pipo wey dey Nigeria nai dey suffa for malaria and the pipo wey dey die for malaria dey very high for the kontri.

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