Why I Dance For APC Convention – Woman Aspirant For APC



The only female presidential aspirant wey come out for APC, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, don tok why she dance for dem party convention.

The woman jump enta stage as dem call her name to tok, but before you know na dance she dance untill she say she wan step down for Tinubu.

Wey Kennedy-Ohaneye dey folow Punch dey tok she say the resin why she dance na cus she dey like to dance for public.

She say if pipo notice her dem go know say wey she even reach the glass house she still dance wey the Dj start to play Buga, and na cus she get happiness for mind nai make am.

“I dance for the convention sotay all the women for there come dey rush to come hug me, na that time I come stop.”

The barrister say she nor dey even dey resin wetin pipo dey tok for social media afta the presidential primary.

“Wetin concern me? I be happy woman nai make I dey Buga all the way. Even wey dem dey count the vote I still dey stand dey dance.  If pipo nor like am, I advise dem make dem learn to dey happy.

She come say for 2023 election, she go wear her shoe to use dance scatter the ground.


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