Why Police For Tanzania Arrest Kizz Daniel



The promoter wey do the show wey Kizz Daniel nor gree show face for Tanzania, Steven Uwa, say na yeye excuse nai kizz Daniel give afta hin nor gree sing then police come arrest am.

The pipo wey organize the Summer Amplified Show for Tanzania vex arrest  the Buga singer as hin nor gree perform on Sunday night.

For interview wey Mr Uwa do with Daddy Freeze, hin say Kizz Daniel nor gree perform for the show cus of say the areoplane wey he use take come the kontri nor bring all hin bag.

The promoter of the show say na $60,000 nai dem pay for Kizz Daniel to come sing.

“He just say the areoplane nor bring him bag, and he gold chain dey inside that bag, nai make am nor sing.

“He wear one gold chain for neck, but he dey find everytin. So hin say if he nor see him gold chain he nor dey sing anytin.

As the tin dey pain Mr Uwa, hin say fear dey hin bodi as Kizz Daniel don spoil market for am as show organiser for Tanzania and other Africa kontri.

Uwa say e pass $300,000 wey hin spend for the show wey nor work.

“Regular table for the show na $5,000, while the highest table na 10,000 dollars.

Mr Uwa na Nigerian business man wey dey stay Tanzania, he say even Paul O wey be show promoter like am and nai even epp wey he fit book Kizz Daniel, call from United States dey beg the singer but he nor still gree.

“Naso Paul O dey cry for night dey beg Kizz Daniel make hin go sing but he say lie lie.”

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