Witch pipo say make I stop to build church for Akwa Ibom- Gov. Udom

Witch for Akwa Ibom don karey the govinor for the state, Udom Emmanuel, go court cus hin go dey build worship center for the state.

Many chorchorchor talk don dey come out for the big worship center wey the govinor dey build for the state. But the govinor talk for radio and TV say, e good as the state na God own state, make dem build beta place to take serve God for the state.

Na for the program nai the govinor talk say all the witch dem for the state karey am go court cus of e dey build church for the state.

Aniekeme Finbarr one of the govinor aide dem, tell tori pipo say na 2019 nai pipo wey believe say God nor dey karey the govinor go court, but the case come turn to good for the state, as court tell the witch pipo make dem go pay 500,000 to the state govimet instead.

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