World Bank don yarn say Poor Nigerians go reach 95.1m for 2022

THE World Bank don talk say the reduction for poverty don dey for one place since 2015, with more Nigerians wen dey fall below the poverty line for over the years.

According to the Washington-based bank, the number of poor Nigerians go touch 95.1 million for 2022.

Them drop dis informate for the report wen dem title, ‘A Better Future for All Nigerians: 2022 Nigeria Poverty Assessment’.

Them come say, “Poverty never really reduce for the last ten years, according to both back-casting and survey-to-survey imputation techniques. The best estimates from the back-casting approach suggest say the poverty headcount rate for the international poverty line na 42.8 percent for 2010. With poverty wen dey drop by at most a few percentage points over the last ten years, the absolute number of poor people don likely increase with Naija fast population growth.

“Since the back-casts dey provide yearly estimates, them still suggest say poverty be like wetin dey reduce for the first part of the 2010s, but this trend come stop and then turn around for 2015, the year wen President Muhammadu Buhari take enter power.

The report come still talk say the COVID-19 okamuka don push more than five million more Nigerians enter poverty by 2022.

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