You na the water wey dey coolu ma bodi,Tim Godfrey tell lova

E goon soon ring issa wedding day for pesin wey sabi sing church song and like Nara ekelemo,Tim Godfrey, as on Wednesday nai him tell the pesin wey dey tortori he heart to marry am.

As Godfrey dey talk how hin babe take dey tortori am one time for hin Instagram page, na for there e come still take show the pinchure wey hin use take engage her.

Even though say hin nor show the woman face well and nor tag her sef for the post, but nor be small loviwantiti talk nai hin sama give the bae as hin say afta Jesus na the woman be hin next water wey dey make hin bodi dey coolele.

Na as the bodi dey do Godfrey one kind naso he take karey am put for Instagram.

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