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Banks say make telecom charge pipo directly for USSD

Nigerian banks don tell telecom companies to charge customers directly for USSD services, and dis one na according to one memo wen news people see.

This one so dey against wetin bank CEOs talk on Monday as dem take say dem no get hand for d matter.

For one letter wen the Body of Banks’ Chief Executive Officers (BOBCEO) send go give the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) wen carry September 16, 2019 as date, the bank MDs been propose one “orderly implementation” of end-user billing for bank customers, and dis one “align with the standard practice for USSD billing.”

Them say the decision “on whether, and which amount, to charge any customer wen use USSD na totally that of the telco company, the same way wen dem take dey bill customer for calls, SMS and data”.

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