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College of Education students protest for Warri

Students of college of education for warri protest on Thursday against d alleged intimidation and oppression wen dem say dem dey receive from of management of the kians wen the provost Prof Mary Onire Edema dey lead.

The protesters when run one peaceful go crown and Kpoko FM office for along airport road come talk say some of the final year students neva still see their 100 level results, den dem come still complain about d increment of school fees without any formal notice.

The students come still talk say mago mago dey for the result wen dem get from their department and the ones wen d scholl display online.

Wen the school come dey react through their talk talk person, Vusi Enakarire, he come talk say d allegations no be true, he say d students neva see  their result  because them neva pay their school fees and so dem no go fit get access to d school online portal.

Den concerning the issue of increment for fees, Ms Enakarire, he come talk sagy wetin the students describe as increment for the school fees na the 5, 500 penalty wen dem dey tender for late payment and registration.


  • As far as I know I am an elder sister to one of the students my sister paid her school fees from year 1 to 3 with all her courses registered though she has been complaining of her results not being online we didn’t borther and thought that when she is to graduate her results would be given to her, that isn’t enough it was on wensday 17 febuary 2021 when she is to writeone of her paper GST 321 English language that a man came to their hall and seized all the student attendance sheet saying that the provost mary edema sent him to take all students exam script that none of them has paid school fees meanwhile this younger sister of mine has paid her school fees stamped and verified by the bursary she was sent out of the hall allegedly for no offence final year students this is what professor Mary edema did to them she came home crying and wailing for what has happened I was confused because I was the one who followed her to the school main cbt centre to pay for the school fees on the 27th of January before the exams commenced on 15th February the management are indeed guilty of mismanagement and they are wicked infant Mary edema is the chief conspiracy of everything

  • Mary

    Students wen never see their results na because them never pay school fees from which year? Result of first semester no dey but dem fit bring result of second semester abi? The vusi wen talk am ask am whether e com out com hear wetin the provost talk and how the matter dy since on monday for the school?

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