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Edo State: Man abandons family at POS shop

Reports wen dey reach us na say one middle-aged man wen him name na David don abandon him wife and three children for one POS shop, after he collect N43,000 from the operator.

This matter so play for Oluku, near Benin City, the Edo state capital.

According to d tatafo, the man forward march go the POS shop with him wifey and three pikins, give him ATM card to the shenkes wen dey operate d machine, he come talk say na N43,000 nia he wan withdraw.

After d babe don try plenty times to withdraw d money and e fail, d man come tell her to give am the money, while him family and the attendant continue to dey try the withdrawal as he seriously need to solve one matter with the money.

After dem don wait tire without seeing d brake light of d man, the POS attendant come report the matter for the Ekiadolor Police Division, where them take currently hold d woman and her three pikins.


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