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Delta state: Two piple denkwes for tipper and keke accident

The Delta State Police Command don come out come talk about d matter wen play on Wednesday for along PTI Express Way for Effurun for Uvwie LGA of Delta State where one serious motor/keke accident for take happen.

The accident involve one Mercedes Tipper with Reg. No. WWR 425 ZR wen dem load with granite, one Toyota Camry car with Reg. No. AKD 403 FM and one keke.

Two passengers wen dey for d keke, one woman and one baby girl denkwes on the spot meanwhile other passengers wunjor.

The Delta State Police Command come say dem dey sympathize with the families of those wen kpeff plus those wen injure.

Wen DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, Police Public Relations Officer, Delta State Command, Asaba dey yarn on top d matter, she come talk say dem dey wish to let the general public know say Operation Delta Hawk and Ebrumede patrol vehicle no get anything to do wit d matter.

She say d only thing wen d Police officers do na to go rescue the victims before members of the public come go burn the Police patrol motor wen come for the rescue operation.

Las las, she come talk say dem go deal wit all d people wen involve for d burning.

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  • E be like say we need to take it easy with our police o. As e be so, ebi like say we still the keep grudges with the police. Even if de come to rescue people from danger, we go de suspect them, and the result be say we go begin to molest and attack them. We need to change our attitude towards our police positively make them work for us well, well o. Fake news concerning this particular accident fit make people hate police o! Many people think say na police de pursue yahoo boys naim make the accident happened not knowing say na fake news. Some even say na trailer jam keke and no be trailer. The accident na between tipper were carry granite and keke and one other camry car. Abeg make we do away with fake news ‘cos e fit scatter ground o! As I dey talk now some people de look for police vehicle to vandalise because of this particular matter, whereas police no involve in the accident. Make we avoid fake news please.

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