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Prof Boniface Igbeneghu harassment story

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) don suspend Boniface Igbeneghu, one lecturer and before before sub-dean of faculty of art for d kians becos of sexual harassment.

Na one 13-minute video documentary wen the BBC Africa Eye release nia expose Igbeneghu, when be still head pastor for Foursquare Gospel Church, yesterday.

Dem cramp d guy for camera as he take dey try to run things wit one undercover reporter wen form say she dey find admission for d kians.


The Foursquare Gospel Church for Nigeria don tell Boniface Igbeneghu to step down from all “ministerial assignments”.

Igbeneghu, when be part-time pastor for the church na still lecturer for the University of Lagos.

Wen d church come dey yarn for one statement, them come talk say dem no dey in support of wetin d lecturer do at all at a all.

Still on still

Before before senate Presido Bukola Saraki don tell President Muhammadu Buhari and the National assembly to revisit the sexual harassment bill.

The bill plus including others prescribe five-year jail term for any lecturer, educationist or person wen dey in position of authority for any tertiary kians for Naija wen dey found guilty of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saraki yarn dis one after BBC Africa expose one UNILAG lecturer for one video where one undercover journalist, Kiki Mordi, for take form say she na 17-year-old student wen dey find admission for d school.

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