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Afua From Ghana Win Longest Sing-a-thon

Ghana lady don win di longest time for pesin wey go stand alone dey sing for hours.

Di lady name na Afua Asantewaa Aduonum, and na on di 24th she take start di journey till 27th of December 2023.

Afua make her mind to break di record even with tok from different side, why she go even do that kind challenge.

She break di 105 record to take di record from Sunil for India wey first hold am.

No be small challenge nai Afua face as GHAMRO get to verify di song wey she go sing, plus di crack wey her voice come dey get.

She even gets bad mouth from social media as some dey say dem nor believe say she got do di challenge.

Di condition wey dem give her be say she nor go repeat song till afta 4 hours, nor go allow pipo enta di cage wey she dey, na only 20 minutes breat she go get afta 4 hours of singing and 5 minutes break afta one hour of singing.

She break some rules but that one nor still make her relax but kwatinue till di end.


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